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A project that will allow society as a whole to explore the reactive account of losing a child and will hopefully encourage some and educate all of the aftermath of an unnatural life experience.

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The Diary of a Mother is a dramatic documentary theater production that explores love and loss. During our lifetime most of us will experience the emotional stress that comes with loss of any kind, but nothing can produce the joy or broken heart that motherhood permits.

The Diary of a Mother explores the journey of eight women who expose their moments of transparency, of complete and utter joy, and their challenges of isolation, confusion and pain when tragedy occurs uncovering the physical, emotional and spiritual response to a devastating life event of losing a child.

The Diary of a Mother offers affirmation, expressions of inspiration and triumphs of a long journey represented by the shared characteristics of every community, neighborhood, race, religion, culture and environment as it pertains to unnatural life experiences.

"It is not an easy path, but one that must be shared and our voices will be heard." ~ Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum