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New Release: Once Upon a Place in Time

OUPT FrontCover

Have you ever witnessed or experienced unexplained recollections of times and places? How about instances rationalized and explained away as dreams or simply déjà vu? Were they?

Once Upon a Place in Time, The Rebirth is a gentle, yet mystifying story about the lasting and never-ending power of love. It is a tale of phenomena that will captivate even the most avid reader.

The story unfolds as Tamillia, a young girl with a vivid imagination and an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, and her mother move from Columbus OH, Tamillias place of comfort and refuge, to Providence RI, a town that boasts of wealthy lifestyles and great possibilities.

While becoming acquainted with her new surroundings, Tamillia is haunted by dreams of faraway places and images of a young man she eventually encounters after welcoming him into her reality.  Ultimately, Tamillia accompanies the young man on a journey back to a past somehow forgotten. 

Once Upon a Place in Time, The Rebirth is a resolution that shapes an awakening. It claims the details of a life once lived and a desperate search to reclaim what was left behind.

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