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Everything Necessary


What would you do for love, would you let your heart speak for you or would you let common sense guide you?

Alexis Morningside, a young girl from a small town in a single family household, was preparing herself for a life filled with success. Her uncle would provide her with the tools needed early in life to reach the goals she strived for. She took every measure necessary in the beginning to make those dreams of success come true. However, those needed measures were not those of what her family would have chosen for her but she was determined to make it work.

Alexis would fall in love with a man whose line of work would captivate her in every way. He would stimulate her physically and emotionally, something she desired and sought after. The excitement and the thrill of the life she was leading would in time alter her very survival. Alexis would eventually become part of a world filled with danger, deceit and false impression. She would cause a chain reaction that would destroy the very life she had built for herself and the respect from those around her. Alexis Morningside would do everything necessary for self gratification but in the end she would find out the true significance of “everything necessary”.

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