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Dominique Franklin was a woman of means and she played the part to the very end. She had the big house, the expensive cars and the rich husband she always dreamed of, but she wasn't always the woman she had become. Her plan had been put into action after a graduation vacation to Cancun Mexico with three other teenage girls. The young woman she would become would be forced into a delusional sense of reality beyond just her imagination.

Randall Simms was a handsome young man, well liked in his prominent neighborhood. He and his sister were children of a single parent household after the sudden death of their father, who was killed in a car accident.Randall had huge aspirations for himself once he graduated college, but those dreams of becoming successful would fall apart once he laid eyes on which she became.

Where did he fit in the plan she had formed early on? Only one of them would know the truth from the very beginning, only one of them had committed the unspeakable.

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