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A Juicy Story


"Juicillene Joseph aka "Juicy" grew up in the projects with her mother and father who did their best to provide for her and her two siblings. Juicy was innocent unaware of some of the troubles in her own household, until that one night in which her life changed.

She always knew that one day she would get out of the projects and find a better way of life. What Juicy didn't know was the secret that haunted her sister for so many years. Find out what had been hidden away for so long that caused Juicy's life to spiral out of control and turned her existence upside down. Seek the secret that Juicy's sister never told and how she finally finds out what that secret is and how it has affected her in the choices she has made.

You will undoubtedly look into your own indiscretion . . . some secrets are meant to be told. As you delve into the mind of the delusional you will find out what caused these sinister events to take place and you will no longer need to ask the question . . . Why?

Price: 15.00 USD
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